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If your naked shampoo bar needs some cover on its travels, this little round tin is the perfect way to preserve its modesty (and keep it dry). If you've ever used our shampoo bars before, you'll know how long they last. To keep them even longer, make sure they're fully dry before popping them in the tin to help them stay as firm and as solid as they can be.

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About 5 years ago

I got given one of these two years ago. Use it sparingly as it stays in my travel bag.
Love it as the smell is amazing and want more.


1 month ago


About 1 month ago

This product is great for shampoo bars. I find the best way to avoid it getting stuck in the tin (as the tin is only slightly bigger than a new bar) is to leave it to dry on the lid, then once its dry put it back in the tin. This means when you go to get it out again it isn't all stuck inside the tin from the soap residue. Sometimes have to give it a bit of a whack to get the bar out but nothing major. Love it for travel as I always hate taking soap bars when travelling, perfect solution for me.

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