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Think outside the box
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Our printed gift boxes break boundaries with their eye-catching designs and unusual shapes, so you can regift them, or keep as a handy home for craft supplies.

Since 2010, Lush has worked with a local UK supplier where creative processes such as the constructional design, digital prints, and die-cutting all happen in-house. They print lasting and decorative designs onto the recycled cardboard so that the versatile storage space also doubles up as gift wrap.

Once printed and cut, an assortment of boxes are sent to the Lush gifts department flat-packed on pallets and ready to be assembled by the helpful Lush elves. By flat-packing their products, the supplier is now able to fit 64 pallets worth of pre-assembled boxes onto just six pallets! This helps to keep their carbon footprint from transportation at a minimum.
When the boxes spring to life, they are filled with Eco Pops, Lush UK’s biodegradable packaging pops, to protect the sustainably sourced cosmetics.

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