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Brightens and softens
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This violet scented purple shampoo will leave your hair feeling healthy and looking bright, not brassy. Perfect for those with blonde or grey hair.

"This is by far the BEST purple shampoo I’ve ever used, as I’m not a natural blonde in the past I’ve had to regularly get my hair recoloured and toned so often at the hair dressers because no purple shampoo could keep the brass away. Until I was so kindly gifted DADDY-O and my god it’s changed my life! I feel like it makes such a long lasting difference to my hair keeping it so blonde that people actually ask if I’ve had it re coloured! You only need the lightest amount and I found that the 250g bottle lasted me 4 months which is ages for such a small product. The smell is so good and the fact that you know all the ingredients are organic you feel like your hair doesn’t hate you for it! 10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND!!!" - alyssajessica29

“This might literally be my desert island product - I have bleached blonde hair and this shampoo makes it so lovely and pale, no yellowy bits and it smells absolutely divine, which lasts for ages in my hair (just like parma violets!)... it's really nice and light and volumey. Love love love! - Joyinns

“I have bleached hair that can feel really dry. This shampoo makes my hair really soft and hydrated. It stops my hair from going yellowy and it retains the cool tones which I prefer. It lathers up really well which means a little bit goes a long way.” - charliehunt2106

How To Use: Lather up in a violet-scented dream of shine-enhancing ingredients then rinse away thoroughly.

Please note: These products are deliberately pigmented in order to tone the hair, so to use carefully and rinse surfaces well immediately.


About 5 years ago

I decided to try the trend of dying my hair silver grey... and this shampoo has been great at keeping away brassy tones!!! I've used this shampoo on and off for over three years now... and no matter what other shampoo I buy I ALWAYS come back to this one! It kept my blonde hair pure and toned and has...

25 Ingredients
Refreshing and rejuvenating
Uplifting and sunny

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 3 years ago

This shampoo does a really good job of brightening my hair, there's a noticeable difference after two uses but it makes my hair so knotty and dry! I have extremely curly hair, even if I brush out the curls, wet it, comb it and lather it so the hair doesn't wrap around I still end up with gigantic knots! I've never had this happen with a shampoo before. When I follow through with the American Cream conditioner it still feels incredibly dry, like every drop of oil has been sucked out of it.

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About 1 year ago

I started using this after having constantly dry and knotted hair. My hair used to only be soft after hair cuts and now it is soft after every wash. I was super surprised by how good it is a nice it smells. Takes out the yellow tones in my hair nicely too. I pair this with veganese conditioner. Only need a small amount to fully clean hair, 1 large bottle lasts me over 6 months as I don't need to wash my hair as frequently as I used to.


9 months ago


About 9 months ago

My husband and I have been using Daddy-o for several years now, and we both love it so much. It lathers up wonderfully and rinses clean, leaving you with a head full of shiny, healthy, INCREDIBLE smelling hair. I have converted several friends who catch a whiff of my locks and want to know what makes it smell so good! Daddy-o will be in my top 5 LUSH list forever.

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