Calming and cleansing

Angels On Bare Skin

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Calming and cleansing

This incredibly gentle cleanser is made from 100% natural ingredients. Inspired by a mediaeval recipe and topped off with lavender flowers, this contains kaolin to absorb grease and dirt, leaving skin clean and nourished. Lavender oil and rose absolute calm the skin. As you mix your solid cleanser with water to form a paste, the ground almonds create almond milk which helps to tone and brighten the skin. This can be used all over your body as well as your face. 

12 Ingredients
Lavender oil
Balancing and calming
Balancing and restorative
Cleansing and absorbent

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 1 year ago

I really, really wanted to love this product!! It is so pretty and soothing to use, the application process and presentation is excellent... however it was the effects after using it for a few weeks that disappointed me. This was recommended to me in store, it was my first time using a lush cleanser. After 3 weeks I found myself with terrible, terrible acne, spots everywhere, as well as having oilier skin than usual. I was trying to think of what was causing it, and I realised it was this product. When I switched to another brand's cleanser my skin cleared right up.

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About 5 months ago

I've been using this for about a year now, and I really like it! I have sensitive skin but still like to give it a good scrub so this is a great daily scrub I can use. When I used supermarket face washes before Lush got me on to Angels, I used to get out of the shower with red splotches on my face and it would feel quite tight, now I'm no longer dying to moisturize when I get out! I use this in the morning and 9 to 5 at night with skin drink in winter and celestial in summer.


1 month ago


About 1 month ago

I saw so many good reviews about this product, and after becoming a recent lush addict from a couple other products, I was so I was excited to order & try it, especially being advertised as a gentle scrub/cleanser But unfortunately I just didn't find it great. I almost felt like my skin was oilier after using it, and the next day developed pimples (compared to using ultrabland/mask of magnanimity & celestial skincare routine with great success). Perhaps just not for my skin type :-(

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