Bath & Shower

Bathing beauties to leave you feeling soft, clean and smooth all over


Bath Bombs

Blast away your cares with these pampering experiences

Limited Edition
lord of misrule bath bomb
Bath Bomb
Revel without a cause
Limited Edition
butterbear christmas bath bomb
Bath Bomb
Bear hygge
Limited Edition
eye ball halloween bath bomb
Bath Bomb
Blink and you'll miss it
Limited Edition
monsters ball halloween bath bomb
Bath Bomb
You're invited

Jelly Bombs

turtle jelly bomb
Jelly Bomb
Shellebrate zero waste
The state of the ocean: plastic, plastic everywhere
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Bubble Bars

Burrow under a blanket of bubbles

Luxury Bath Oils

Melt into luxury with these decadent, buttery and deliciously-scented skin softeners..


Versatile and mouldable, Fun can be soap, shampoo, bubble bath or whatever you want it to be - the only limit is your imagination

Body Scrubs

Skin-smoothing scrubs for a gorgeous glow

Shower Gels & Jellies

Fragrant and fun, these washes brighten your mood

Online exclusive
grass shower gel
Shower Gel
Keep on the grass

Shower Moisturisers

Luxurious moisturisers for smooth, soft, and scented skin


Our bounteous handmade soaps don't cost the earth