Pink Grapefruit Extract

Citrus paradisi; Propylene Glycol

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Hydrating and cleansing
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To make this extract, grapefruits are infused in propylene glycol, a humectant that carries the fruit’s properties to the skin. Grapefruits are bursting with salicylic acid and beta-hydroxy acid (BHA). These natural fruit acids exfoliate and clear congested skin, as the zesty aroma lifts the spirits.



Grapefruit belongs to the Rutaceae plant family. This large, evergreen fruit tree from the Caribbean grows up to nine metres tall and produces around 500 fruits each year. Most of the world’s grapefruit production comes from the sunniest states of the USA.

Pink grapefruit is sweeter than yellow grapefruit and can be eaten like an orange. Its high vitamin C content works wonders for the skin, helping to firm, smooth and brighten.

Propylene glycol is a veg-based humectant, which means it carries water-based ingredients into the skin. It also absorbs moisture in formulas, reducing bacteria growth, helping products to last longer. In hair care products, it softens the hair and allows it to be combed through easily.