Kukui Oil

Aleurites moluccana

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Moisturising and soothing
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Kukui nut, or candlenut, produces a moisturising oil used for thousands of years by Pacific Islanders to soothe and treat dry skin, psoriasis and acne.



The small evergreen Aleurites moluccana is found across most warm countries of East Asia. It is often called ‘candlenut tree’ because the nuts can indeed be set alight and serve as candles. It is also from these edible seeds that the oil is extracted, and the waste resulting from the process can be used as fertiliser or animal feed.

In addition to having moisturising effects on the skin, the oil has excellent soothing properties on insect bites, sores and chapped lips. It’s calming properties make it an effective, and therefore popular ingredient is soaps around the world.