Kokum Butter

Garcinia indica

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Seriously moisturising
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Kokum butter is a very stable and solid seed butter that is renowned in cosmetics for its ability to melt very fast when it comes into contact with the skin, contrasting with its hard consistency. This quality makes it ideal to create moisturising, self-preserving products.



Kokums look like reddish purple tomatoes topped with a green star-shaped tail. The fruit's tender white pulp, protected by a hard outer layer, contains oil-rich seeds that can be pressed to obtain the edible kokum butter.

The look of the fruits is very reminiscent of mangosteens and indeed comes from the same genus. The kokum tree (Garcinia indica) grows mainly in Western India while the mangosteen tree (Garcinia mangostana) can be cultivated in all tropical regions of the world.

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Products with this ingredient
Kokum Butter can be found in these products
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