Gardenia Extract

Gardenia jasminoides

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White gardenia flower
Products with this ingredient

Gardenia extract is found across a wide range of our products where we use it to add colour. We also add the extract to colour some of our "B" fine fragrances.



In Chinese medicine, Gardenia flowers and fruit have been used to treat irritability, urinary tract infections, headaches and tension for 2,000 years. The phytochemicals found in gardenia are under research for possible anti-inflammatory effects.

Gardenia yields a deep orange to yellow viscous liquid, containing a strong pigment (principally, the carotenoid crocin). This can be used to colour many of our products. When blended with other ingredients, this can offer a lovely pallet of varying hues.

The gardenia is popular as a garden plant, but it is also useful to the perfumer and aromatherapist.

When included in our best selling Olive Branch shower gel, the colour blends with the olive oil and creates a Mediterranean sunset effect.

The common gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides, Cape jasmine) is known for its beautiful white flowers and exotic scent. An evergreen shrub, it is thought to have originated in China and Japan, but can also be found in the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa and Australasia.

Gardenia Extract can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Gardenia Extract can be found in these products
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