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Tim Maguire

Store: LUSH Christchurch

Being gay is like the best roller-coaster ride I have ever been on. The realisation of my sexuality wasn't a sudden awakening, there was no revelation that I suddenly liked boys.

Thinking back to my childhood... I was a pretty queer kid - but it wasn't until high school that I ever put a label on what I felt. It was a slow process of learning to love who I was. While the idea of finding the perfect man and settling down excited me, I guess I always thought life as a gay man would be hard. So I avoided it.

But that perception changed instantly when I found a little shop in my mall called LUSH. I applied for a job on a whim, and upon being hired I decided that in this new beginning I would be totally upfront about who I was; no more hiding.

For the first time, I comfortably told people that I was gay.
For the first time, I was accepted without question.
For the first time, I felt pride.


Photographer Natacha Ellis 

tim maguire christchurch
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