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Remarkably effective masks

Find relief from breakouts with our range of soothing, mattifying masks.

Once you have removed any make-up and dirt using one of our gentle cleansers, allow your skin to absorb the herbal healing powers of our fresh facial masks and emerge feeling revived. Nearly all Lush masks need to kept in the fridge as they are so incredibly fresh, and will last for around three weeks (make sure you check the date sticker!) These beautifully fresh blends provide powerful relief to sore skin because the ingredients are so active. Start by using your mask around twice a week, leaving it on for ten minutes at a time.

Mask Of Magnaminty.
A mint and honey hero with dreams of exfoliating the nation.

A mask which uses antiseptic honey and cooling peppermint oil to remove built-up dirt. African marigold oil works as a natural anti-inflammatory making it an effective ingredient for those worried about scarring. Gently spread this refreshing mask over affected areas (face and body) and let the ingredients sink deep into the skin. Remove gently with a little water to feel fresh and revitalised. This mask is ideal for those on the go, as it does not require refrigerating and has a longer use-by date than other options. See here for our self-preserving version too!

Catastrophe Cosmetic
Antioxidant blueberry power to skin in distress.

Fresh rose absolute and chamomile provide relief to sore, red skin, while fresh blueberries rejuvenate and regulate moisture in the complexion.  A gift to skin that needs help regaining balance. With no active exfoliating materials, this mask is gentle enough for the most sensitive of skins, and a good option for tackling spots, which have surfaced for battle.

Cosmetic Warrior
Wielding garlic and tea tree in its bid to defeat breakouts.

Creamy and rich, this mask uses free-range eggs to keep your skin hydrated and healthy while fresh garlic cleanses problem areas. We add tea-tree oil and honey for their powerful antiseptic qualities, and green grapes to tone and cool your complexion.  A gentle and effective hero to all troubled skin types.

A deliciously sweet cleansing mask to take spots in hand.

We promise that using this heavenly cocoa and spearmint mask won’t make you feel guilty. Fine rhassoul mud draws out impurities, while cocoa butter and vanilla leave your complexion soft and irresistibly smooth. Guilt-free chocolate indulgence for oily and spot-prone skin in need of a treat.

Once your mask has started to dry and you’ve had enough fun scaring the neighbours, prepare to wash away to feel the effects. Just remember to tone

These beautifully fresh masks provide powerful relief to sore skin because their ingredients are so active.

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