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Pack it up, Pack it in

Today’s the day - you’ve eagerly awaited your online Lush order full of solid, packaging-free products. You’re taking another important step to reducing your plastic waste and you’re feeling good. The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, and before you open the box you can smell that unmistakable fragrance. Even the postie commented on it!


The bath is being drawn, you open your parcel to see beautiful products and… they’re wrapped in packaging!?

As with a lot of our innovations at Lush, not everything is as it seems. This includes the packaging we use for online orders and gift boxes to protect solid products, making sure they arrive to you in the best possible condition.


Are those polystyrene pellets? Nope! Cushioning your products is Pop Starch, comprising of maize from sustainable renewable materials. These are basically popcorn - just please, don’t ever expect them to taste any good!

When producing Pop Starch the maize is expanded, giving the final product similar properties to polystyrene.

Unlike polystyrene, Pop Starch will biodegrade quickly in water and soil. Green thumbs will also be keen to know, starch is a great source of nourishment for plants. Dissolve some in your watering can the next time you’re giving the garden a drink!


But the clear bags - surely that’s plastic? We’ve eliminated plastic there too! Get ready to cello-brate the wonders of plant cellulose.

These bags which we admit, definitely look and feel like traditional plastic, are called cello bags. Cello bags are made from plant cellulose, a compostable and marine degradable biomass. They’re great for storing your products in if you’re not quite ready to use them. Then after removing the label for recycling, the bag can be popped into your compost to continue its life as a carbon component of your heap.


Your delivery box is also made of 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard. Though we’d strongly suggest repurposing into a cat cave before heading out to the recycling bin.


Just like all our eco-conscious customers, Lush don’t stop at the products when considering the impact we have on our precious planet. We will always strive to ensure the journey from us to your bathroom is as environmentally-friendly as it can be.


Now pop yourself into that bath shimmering with plastic-free glitter and imagine a wonderful waste-free world.


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1 Comment

about 1 year ago

Thank you Lush for taking a step in the right direction and reducing your footprint! Mother nature sends her biggest thanks, and hopefully more companies will look towards brands like yours and be inspired to make a small change themselves. Really incredibly refreshing to see, glad to see that someone out there cares x