Introducing the Lush perfume range, 2019

From seeing our name on a can of fizzy drink, to receiving a birthday card with our face on, we love to feel special. And why wouldn’t we? We want the Lush perfume range to make our customers feel a bit special too. Whether it’s personalising a perfume gift with a unique vintage Knot Wrap, or a range of exclusive new fragrances - here’s how we’ll be tailoring the collection to you.

As of the 29th November, your local Lush shop will have a perfume range as unique as your surroundings, and a bespoke variety of perfume gifts to choose from. Product inventor Alessandro Commiso says: 

“Every shop will have a different selection of fragrances. Every time you visit we can take you on a different journey. This selection is curated by our staff for their customers.” 

Where do you come in? Well, you’ll be able to help shape your nearest shop’s bespoke collection. Alessandro says: “As a member of the Lush community, why not pop in and have your say about what we should be featuring next?” 

If you’ve built an affinity with a fragrance then your local shop wants to know. Shaped by your area’s bestsellers, special requests and community favourites, your nearest collection will feature an ever-evolving assortment of Lush classics and new additions. With each perfume telling its own unique story, Lush staff across the country will be able to guide you through any fragrances you aren’t familiar with. 

The perfume curation is a chance to get creative, so why not start a perfume treasure hunt and track down fresh fragrances to add to your own collection. Swap your knowledge on which shops are stocking which perfumes at #lushcommunity, or leave clues for other Lushies looking to expand their perfume collection!

Who knows which fanciful fragrances you’ll find next time you visit a Lush shop - come by and spark a relationship with something new. Any fragrance enthusiasts will also be able to peruse the full perfume range, as well as a whole host of books curated around perfumery, when visiting a Lush Perfume Library. Meaning you’ll be able to dive into the immersive world of Lush fragrance and pair your perfume with a pageturner. So far, you’ll find perfume libraries in Liverpool, Florence, Munich, Shinjuku and Poole. 

If you aren’t able to visit a shop don’t worry, you’ll still find the core range and Perfume Library ranges online. Alternatively, if you fancy jumping further down the Lush perfume rabbit hole, you can brush up on your fragrance know-how here.

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