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Complexion perfection

Beat spots to feel fair of face

We’ve all had that ‘is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s an incoming spot’ moment. Annoyingly, that doesn’t make dealing with the things any clearer. In fact, although it's tempting to try and scrub oily, spot-prone skin into submission, a little tender loving care often brings it back to balance!

Skincare may not arrive in fancy packaging but do not be fooled; meticulous attention has been paid to what’s inside. By using products with natural ingredients like essential oils, enzymic fruits and vitamin-packed vegetables you can work with your skin, rather than against it.  An effective cleanser is a recommended first step to wash away the impurities and dirt and leave skin bright and glowing. Everyone's skin is different so there is no concrete routine that will benefit everyone in the same way but a good tip to help you have your best day is to listen to your skin and recognise it's needs. 

Allow these skincare champions to flex their herbal muscles, while you read on to find your perfect match. 

Angels on Bare Skin
A hardworking but gentle herbal blend of lavender, rose and kaolin to care for all skin types.

Soft ground almonds gently clean your skin while kaolin absorbs excess oils to leave your face feeling soft but matte.  Rose and lavender oils calm and balance complexions whilst tagetes oil takes down swelling and inflammation.

Get ready to unleash angelic, almond cuddles on complexions which just won’t play by the rules.

Antibacterial honey and almond oil fight spots lurking under the surface, and cleanse your skin gently but efficiently. This creamy cleanser leaves thirsty skin quenched and balanced thanks to honey and moisturising beeswax.

Turn to the darkside to banish your breakouts.

If oily skin is the bane of your life, don’t get angry, get even. Absorbent powdered charcoal lifts away oil and allows antiseptic rosewood oil to treat pesky breakouts, while sandalwood calms and softens. Hydrating coconut oil delivers the moisture all skin-types need without sacrificing that fresh-faced feel.

Fresh herbal thinking to cool and calm.

Nettle and rosemary clear faces to gently reveal a fresher complexion, while the crushed almond base gently buffs and forms a cleansing milk wash to leave your skin soothed and refreshed. A cleanser designed to gently lift dirt with a soft polishing action, but not add to aggravation.

Fresh Farmacy
A soothing soapy potion for skins which sting.

This mild, milky cleanser provides fast, anti-inflammatory action to sore complexions. Made using tea-tree and chamomile blue oils to wash and treat skin, this soap leaves your face feeling matte and calm after every use. A powerful option for acne and recurring breakouts as the cleanser is mild enough to treat your skin with kindness while getting to the root of the problem.

Grease Lightening
Delivers thyme-out to blemishes.

Grease Lightening can be used as both a cleanser and spot treatment. Whichever way you decide to use it you’ll soon feel the effects of antiseptic witch hazel and refreshing rosemary as they work hard to reduce soreness in your skin. Aloe vera gel and thyme calm affected areas to leave you feeling soothed, and also have a wonderfully mattifying effect. Use this product on the T-zone to ward off future skin battles.

Once you’ve found the perfect cleanser to kick-start your routine, you’re ready to pick a fresh handmade mask…

By using products with natural ingredients like nutritious essential oils, fruits and vegetables, you can work with your skin, rather than against it.

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