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Cocoa buttery treats for Easter

A familiar Easter-time ingredient you will find in the LUSH Easter collection this year is lovely Fair Trade Organic cocoa butter, as this Easter, we’re looking outside the chocolate box.

Cocoa butter is a hard, dry butter which melts at body temperature. This is why it’s such an ideal ingredient for chocolate makers, as it will stay solid at room temperature then melt in the warmth of the mouth. Beyond chocolate eggs and bunnies, you’ll find that cocoa butter also makes your outside feel good too.

In cosmetics, cocoa butter can be used alone or in combination with other natural butters to create luxurious rich blends. We use cocoa butter for its moisturising and conditioning effects on hair and skin throughout our product ranges.

This Easter, for an invigorating and softening bath full of bubbles and neon water, crumble a mint-chocolate scented Cream Egg bubbleroon under a running tap.

Say goodbye to scrambled thoughts as April Showers bath bomb washes away your worries with a cedarwood and cypress oil cloud and colourful cocoa butter raindrops.

You can also have cocoa butter as a part of your five-a-day with its inclusion in our cleansing and brightening Carrot soap.

Or maybe a sweet and sparkly soak in Golden Egg before a dazzling night on the town is more your style. If you love this plastic-free sparkler and skin-softening bath bomb melt, why not bundle this with some other Easter eggsclusives in our limited edition Carrot Gift?

As well as its softening effects on the skin and hair, cocoa butter is a versatile ingredient which acts as an emulsifier in lotions, binding oil and water together. It is also often a key ingredient in the creation of solid versions of products which would traditionally be liquid. This means that we can give you self-preserving and packaging-free cosmetics!

By this point we can all agree that cocoa butter is a pretty cool ingredient, right? Well along with the fantastic benefits, we will always ensure that we are paying a fair price for our Fair Trade Organic cocoa butter. So while nourishing your body, you’re helping to nourish the local communities of some of the highest quality cocoa butter producers.


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